Hazem Hagrass

Software Engineer

Technical Lead

Hazem Hagrass
Hazem Hagrass
Hazem Hagrass
Hazem Hagrass

Software Engineer

Technical Lead

About Me

Hello! I'm Hazem Hagrass. Lead Software Engineer from Egypt, Alexandria. I have rich experience in JavaScript (Front-end/Back-end) and many other technologies. I have more than fourteen years of programming experience, implementing and adapting technically sophisticated online web applications using NodeJS and JS, and mobile applications using Android and Phonegap.

  • Age 34
  • Residence Egypt
  • Company EDGY
  • Address Alexandria, Egypt
My Services
Mobile Development

Seven years mobile development using native languages(Android) and Cross Platform languages like Cordova(Phonegap) and React Native.

Web Development

Twelve years full stack web development using PHP and NodeJS, Backbone, AngularJS 1.x.

Leadership Management

Six years experience in team management locally and remotely with along wide tech varity

Computer Games
Technical Manager
2017 - Present
Technical Manager
Edgy Labs
  • Help starting and growing the SEO Foundation team by utilizing my
    development and leadership skills.
  • Leading a remote team of software engineers in developing
    Performance Monitoring Tools using Agile methodologies. This
    includes coaching, mentoring, providing technical leadership as well
    as reviews.
  • Deliver technical direction for sites performance improvements to
    Fortune 100 clients working in collaboration with Google engineers.
    Assisted a Fortune 100 company in having its site become the top
    performing SEO site in its industry according to Google’s guidelines.
Senior Software Engineer
2017 - 2018
Senior Software Engineer
  • Full Stack Senior Engineer.
  • The solution helps customers to clearly translate the customers’
    online search behavior into offline sales. With ground-breaking
    technology, keyword-level call tracking, focused dynamic landing
    pages, and exclusive intelligence from all the major search engines
    Bionic Click puts the power of offline conversion tracking at your
    finger tips.
Senior Software Engineer
Senior Software Engineer
Trucker District


Project Manager
2016 - 2017
Project Manager
Edgy Labs


2016 - 2017
Senior Software Engineer

Cashrefunds app is an application for restaurants. the idea is simple which is giving the customer a random discount each time, the discount is really random depending on store cash. it has 2 parts:

  1. Merchants(PHP App)
    Store get a small share of each refund, app keeps records and merchant pay the app once a month. There are no monthly dues, so if any merchant had no cash refunds, no cost! Merchant determine what maximum % of the cash transaction is eligible for the refund pool. The refund % is based on the total amount paid minus taxes. Customers can still use classic coupons independently.
  2. Shoppers(Cordova App)
    If your vendor uses CashRefunds, then he may reward you with Cash Refunds on purchases paid entirely in cash. With each transaction, there is a chance to get a percentage of your purchase price paid back in cash. In some cases, that can be 100% of the total! Cash Refunds is a simple app, but it could save you a lot of money if you enjoy paying with Cash, and if there are Cash Refunds merchants in your area

    My job was a full stack engineer and was working on fixing old issues and adding new features to the whole structure.
Senior Software Engineer
2016 - 2017
Senior Software Engineer
Elite HRV

EliteHRV has 3 different apps web dashboard, backend and mobile app:

  1. Backend App which is the backbone for all apps, it was built as an API to serve mobile requests and web dashboard data. it's a PHP Zend based app.
  2. Web Dashboard which is an AngularJS app which is responsible for user management and showing analytics about user activities.
  3. Mobile App which is a Cordova/Ionic app that is connecting to heart monitoring device and start recording user's heart pulses and start doing some analytics.

    My job was a full stack engineer and was working on fixing old issues and adding new features to the whole structure
Android and Phonegap Instructor


Lead Software Engineer
2014 - 2015
Lead Software Engineer
Seeloz Inc.


Lead Software Engineer
2014 - 2017
Lead Software Engineer


Senior Software Engineer
2010 - 2015
Senior Software Engineer
  • Leading visualization/mobile teams of software engineers in
    developing Charts Visualization Tools and Mobile dashboards using
    Agile methodologies. This includes coaching, mentoring, providing
    technical leadership as well as code reviews.
Software Engineer
Software Engineer
  1. Java developer and designing MySQL database .
  2. Maintenance Engineer:
    Computers and networks software problems
2006 - 2010
Alexandria University

Bachelor’s Degree in Computer

Principles of Secure Coding
Philosophy and principles of secure programming presenting a robust secure programming.
Great Leaders, Great Results
Situational Leadership
Little Brief About Me
  • Mobile Development
  • Web Development
  • Leadership Management
  • English
  • Arabic
Get in Touch
  • Address: Alexandria, Egypt
  • Email: me@hazemhagrass.com
  • Phone: +20 155 3001031
  • Freelance: Not Available
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