Senior Software Engineer

Cashrefunds app is an application for restaurants. the idea is simple which is giving the customer a random discount each time, the discount is really random depending on store cash. it has 2 parts:

#1Merchants(PHP App)
Store get a small share of each refund, app keeps records and merchant pay the app once a month. There are no monthly dues, so if any merchant had no cash refunds, no cost! Merchant determine what maximum % of the cash transaction is eligible for the refund pool. The refund % is based on the total amount paid minus taxes. Customers can still use classic coupons independently.

#2 Shoppers(Cordova App)
If your vendor uses CashRefunds, then he may reward you with Cash Refunds on purchases paid entirely in cash. With each transaction, there is a chance to get a percentage of your purchase price paid back in cash. In some cases, that can be 100% of the total! Cash Refunds is a simple app, but it could save you a lot of money if you enjoy paying with Cash, and if there are Cash Refunds merchants in your area

My job was a full stack engineer and was working on fixing old issues and adding new features to the whole structure.

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