Digital Signage

March 2012 Digital Signage Digital signage used to shows information, advertising and other messages. it can be used in both public and private environments, including retail stores, hotels, restaurants, and corporate buildings, among other locations. Digital signage controlled by global central point called (UNIK). Techs: HTML5, JS/jQuery, PHP and MySQL

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June 2012 UNIK Unik is a central point for management intelligent kiosks. UnikTM Control Center releases the maximum potential of all kiosks within a network by allowing a central point where advertisements, rich content, and systems. Administration can all be performed and monitored globally. User can use to create pages with custom banners and tickers, […]

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Jan 2011 Pinpoint Pinpoint is a self-service technology that not only provides customers the ability to quickly locate products(using shortest path) or services at your facility, but increases average ticket sales through suggestive up-selling in an intuitive non-intrusive manner.. Techs: Adobe Air, Action Script and C++

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